How to Make a Tea With Cream

Want to know how to make tea with cream? Well, the answer is not really difficult. Of course, there are dozens of recipes on how to make tea, but I am sure most people will agree that tea with cream is not exactly what you want when you are looking for a delicious, luxurious cup of tea. So, how to make tea with cream?

There are plenty of tea recipes out there on the Internet, including those using espresso, decaf, and all the blends between those two. Yes, you can even make a tasty cup of steaming hot tea with an elegantly delicate, frothy top: and yes, it still is just as good as the local Starbucks coffee (or even better!). A tea latte is simply a drink consisting of tea mixed with hot milk and steamed milk foam. Obviously, you can use any kind of strong-flavored tea for such a drink. It can even be made to have a flavored froth on top if you so desire.

For a wonderful, light summertime cup of tea, try using a combination of dried fruit, tea concentrate, freshly grated orange peel, honey, and lemon zest in a medium-size mason jar. You can put the mason jar into the refrigerator for an hour or two and then strain it into a strainer set to remove the solids. Warm water is what usually comes out of the resulting perfect cup of tea. If you are going to use this tea in the winter, add about three tablespoons of natural sugar to the mix, and enjoy!


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